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What is the difference between a free 'Trip' plan and a paid for 'Trip+' plan?
What is the difference between a free 'Trip' plan and a paid for 'Trip+' plan?
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Once you have created a TripMapper account you may choose whether to use our free 'Trip' plan, which has a great, but smaller set of features, or our subscription-based 'Trip+' plan, which has premium trip planning and budgeting features.

FREE ✨'Trip' Plan✨:

  • Card and list view - Choose your preferred itinerary layout and personalise it by adding your own images and notes.

  • Add images and notes - Customise your trip itinerary by adding your own images and notes to bring everything to life!

  • Mobile app - Our mobile app allows you to access, view and edit your itinerary anytime, anywhere.

  • Start & end times - Schedule your daily activities to make the most of every moment whilst on your trip.

  • Manage tasks - Add tasks and set due dates so nobody forgets.

  • Access to interactive itineraries - Customise our interactive itineraries and make them your own. addition to all the above you can enjoy the following with our the ✨✨'Trip+' Plan ✨✨:

  • 🤝 Invite fellow travellers - Invite your travel companions to contribute to all your plans.

  • 📊 Trip budgeting - Manage and track your spending both before and during your trip.

  • 💱 Currency conversion - Convert one currency to another for accurate budgeting. Please note we only convert currencies available to us via the European Central Bank.

  • 🚨 Notifications and alerts - Set yourself useful trip notifications.

  • 🗺 Map view - Add locations to your trip cards and see them plotted on an interactive map.

  • 🖇 Attachments - Attach tickets, booking confirmations and other useful information to your itinerary for easy access.

  • ✈️ Flights - Quickly and easily add your flight details by just adding your flight number.

  • 📑 PDF download - Save, print and share your trip itinerary in PDF.

  • 📴 Offline mode - Access and view your itinerary without needing an internet connection.

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