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Deletion of your TripMapper account is effective immediately and is irreversible. Once the account is deleted, you will no longer have access to that account and you will not be able to recover any data associated with that account, including any itineraries, images and attachments. Also, if you have a 'Trip+' plan and invited collaborators to view and edit any itineraries in your account, they will lose access to those itineraries.

If you have a 'Trip+' plan, you can download a PDF copy of a trip itinerary in the 'list view' format. Therefore before deleting your TripMapper account we suggest you download and save PDF copies of your TripMapper itineraries, including any attachments.

You can view our Privacy Policy here. This policy (together with TripMapper’s Terms of Service) contains important information on the personal data we collect and store about you when you visit, interact with, access or use the TripMapper website, the TripMapper mobile app, the TripMapper web app and any other related services that we may operate from time to time.

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