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What currencies do you support for automatic conversion?
What currencies do you support for automatic conversion?

In this article, we cover the currencies TripMapper supports for automatic currency conversion.

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TripMapper uses data from the European Central Bank to manage its currency conversion feature. TripMapper synchronises this data daily at 00:00 UTC.

The currencies we currently support conversion on are:

  • (EUR) Euro

  • (USD) US dollar

  • (JPY) Japanese yen

  • (BGN) Bulgarian lev

  • (CZK) Czech koruna

  • (DKK) Danish krone

  • (GBP) Pound sterling

  • (HUF) Hungarian forint

  • (PLN) Polish zloty

  • (RON) Romanian leu

  • (SEK) Swedish krona

  • (CHF) Swiss franc

  • (ISK) Icelandic krona

  • (NOK) Norwegian krone

  • (HRK) Croatian kuna

  • (RUB) Russian rouble

  • (TRY) Turkish lira

  • (AUD) Australian dollar

  • (BRL) Brazilian real

  • (CAD) Canadian dollar

  • (CNY) Chinese yuan renminbi

  • (HKD) Hong Kong dollar

  • (IDR) Indonesian rupiah

  • (INR) Indian rupee

  • (KRW) South Korean won

  • (MXN) Mexican peso

  • (MYR) Malaysian ringgit

  • (NZD) New Zealand dollar

  • (PHP) Philippine peso

  • (SGD) Singapore dollar

  • (THB) Thai baht

  • (ZAR) South African rand

Daily rate updates mean that your budget utilisation may change day-to-day if you’re using the currency conversion feature.

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