'Trip+' plan - Mobile app (iOS) 📱

You have received an email confirming a booking you've made and want to attach it as a PDF to your trip itinerary - how do you this?

1) Open the mail app on your iPhone

2) Scroll, select, and open the email you want to save

3) Tap the arrow at the bottom, revealing a new menu

4) From this new menu, tap on Print

5) Pinch with two fingers and zoom in on the email message then tap on the share icon

6) Tap Save to Files

7) Scroll through and select a folder

8) Once selected, tap Save

9) After you have added the email message, it should automatically be converted to a PDF file. Then, you can head over to the TripMapper mobile app on your iPhone, open the applicable card, tap Upload Attachment and select the PDF from the folder you saved it into.

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