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What is TripMapper's payment structure?
What is TripMapper's payment structure?
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You can set up a TripMapper account free of charge on the web and/or the mobile app (iOS and Android). Once you have created a TripMapper account you may choose whether to use a free 'Trip' plan or the auto-renewing subscription based 'Trip+' paid plan. TripMapper offers a monthly and a yearly auto-renewing subscription for the 'Trip+' paid plan.

Why pay for the 'Trip+' plan? Both plans are great but the 'Trip+' plan has even more great and useful features! We offer a free 7 day trial if you upgrade to Trip+ - why not give it go!

If you decide that TripMapper is not for you towards the end of your free 7 day trial of Trip+ please remember to cancel your subscription in good time before the end of the trial as you’ll be automatically charged unless you cancel beforehand. Also, if you have any feedback, good and not so good, please do get in touch.

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