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If you cancel your subscription to the 'Trip+' plan your TripMapper account will remain active unless you decide to take steps to delete your TripMapper account.

If you decide to keep your TripMapper account active you will be downgraded to the free 'Trip' plan. If you would like to know what happens to the trip itineraries in your TripMapper account when you are downgraded to a free 'Trip' plan please click here.

If you decide to delete your TripMapper account the termination will be effective immediately which means you'll not be able to use your 'Trip+' plan subscription for the time that you may have already paid for and you'll not receive a refund for any amounts you may have already paid for the 'Trip+' plan. Once your TripMapper account has been deleted you will no longer have access to that account and any TripMapper itineraries (including any attachments) in that account.

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