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Guide to using the budget feature on the web 🖥 💻
Guide to using the budget feature on the web 🖥 💻
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TripMapper’s budget feature (only available on our ‘Trip+ plan) allows you to manage and track your spending both before and during your trip.

You can also convert one currency to another for accurate budgeting. We currently only use data from the European Central Bank to manage our currency conversion feature. We synchronise this data daily at 00:00 UTC. Daily rate updates mean that your budget utilisation may change day-to-day if you’re using our currency conversion feature. Click here for more information on our currency conversion feature.

Guide to using the budget feature on the web 🖥 💻

Set a budget

If you 'skipped' adding a budget when first creating the trip, you can easily add your budget within that trip's 'Trip Settings'. To do this:

1) Select the applicable trip

2) Click 'Edit Trip' in the top right of your Overview screen

3) Once in Trip Settings, click the 'Budget' section

4) Choose whether you want to set a daily budget or an entire trip budget. Then add your home currency and your budget. Click 'Save.' You are now all set to go!

Where can you take a more detailed look at your budget?

  1. Select your trip in your TripMapper account. You will be taken to the trip ‘Overview' page which provides:

  • A progress bar which visually tracks your spending against your budget.

  • Quick currency conversion. By clicking on the currency icon you will be able to convert one currency to another (we only convert currencies available to us via the European Central Bank).

2. Once you have added costs to your itinerary entries, click either ‘Budget’ or ‘Manage Trip Budget’ to take a more detailed look at your trip spend.

If you have any questions about the budget feature, or want to suggest anything please use the chat widget at the bottom-right of this page.

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